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    PRODUCT NAMEMulti Catch Rat Trap with Clear Lid

    MODEL NO: SX-5017CL

    MATERIAL: Galvanized Steel 

    Highly effective

    Easy & safe to use,safety for children and pets

    No poisons or chemicals,simple bait is ok !

    Humane,catch living rat !



Multi Catch Rat Trap with Clear Lid

Product Name: Multi Catch Rat Trap SX-5017CL with Clear Lid
Model Number : SX-5017CL
Material : Galvanized Steel
Dimension 36.5*17*6.5cm
Weight : 935g
Packing Detail : 12pcs/Carton

2004pcs/ 167Cartons

Meas: 40*33*38cm


12950pcs/40FC 16000pcs/40HQ

Samples Lead Time: 3~7 Days
Production Time : 25 Days
Payment : T/T WestUnion LC

Multi Catch Rat Trap with Clear Lid SX-5017CL

1.Multi-Catch Rat Trap, the non-lethal galvanized repeater rat trap will quickly reduce rodent populations in homes farms warehouses plants and businesses.Safe for trapping around pets and children in most rodent control programs.

2.No settings required, effective one -way doors on both ends trap mice inside

3.Hinged cover with clear plastic viewing window for easy rodent removal

4.This trap is a live trap

How It Works

1.Simply place the rat trap on level surface, against a wall where mice are known to or are suspected to travel

2.Placing small pieces of peanut butter will help the luring the mice faster.

3.Once the rat has entered through the opening it will trigger hing trapping them into the holding area
4.The see through top will all you to monitor the trap easily

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