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    PRODUCT NAMEScissors Mole Trap

    MODEL NO: SX-5001

    MATERIAL: Galvanized Steel 


    Highly effective!

    Easy & safe to use!

    No poisons or chemicals



Detailed Description




 galvanized steel


18cm x 8cm





Delivery Time


Packaging Detail 

Bulk Packing: 80pcs/carton
Retail Packing: 1pcs/Color Card 

                       6pcs/inner Box 




Pet safe

 Yes.Safe for children and pets.

Scissors Mole Trap

1.Easy to set with strong snap
2.Safe ,effective and re-usable
3.Galvanized for non rusty durability

It is easy to set mouse killer kills the mole as it passes through its tunnels,the top of the trap shows if it has been triggered below

ground. when setting any trap,we recommend the use of protective gloves.

How to use set the trap,squeeze open and insert the trip plate across the trap.Be careful handing the trap once it is set.

2.Carefully tease open the turf above one of the moles main runs,and insert the trap,trying to disrupt the run as little as possible.

3.Replace the turf around the set trap,taking care not to trip the trap.

4.The top of the trap will be visible above ground,making it easy to assess if the mole has tripped the trap.

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