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    PRODUCT NAMEAutomatic Multi Catch Mouse Trap

    MODEL NO: SX-5004

    MATERIAL: Galvanized Steel 


    Highly effective !

    Easy & safe to use,safety for children and pets !

    No poisons or chemicals,simple bait is ok ! 

    Humane,catch living mouse !


Automatic Multi Catch Mouse Trap SX-5004




galvanized steel


23.5 x 18 x 14cm





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Automatic,humaine,Eco-Friendly,Can catch several mice in one setting

Pet safe

Yes.Safe for children and pets.


Automatic Multi Catch Mouse Trap SX-5004
1.The Automatic Multi Catch Mouse Trap is a multiple-catch trap made from galvanized steel.
2.Simply turn the plastic knob on the side of the trap about 8-10 full revolutions (be careful not to overturn) and then place the Ketch All Trap next to a wall.
3.Inquisitive mice will enter the trap triggering a lever that will slide the mouse into a holding chamber. The Ketch All mouse trap will catch about 10-15 mice.
4.Plus, it uses no harmful chemicals making it humane for mice and safe around children and pets.

How to use
1. Wind up the trap 6-7 times until the winding knob stops (be careful not to overturn). The trap is now ready.
2. Place the Ketch-All parallel to a warm surface wall (so one hole is facing the wall), leaving 1-2 inches between the trap and the wall. Alternatively, you can
place the back of the trap flush against the wall so that the trap is perpendicular to the wall.
3.Mice will run along the wall, then naturally want to enter the hole in the Ketch All Trap, triggering the trap.
4.To empty the trap, slide back the lid and pull up on the end plate. The mice can then be disposed.

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